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IADC’s Practice Insight: Call for Articles

The IACD are looking for contributions for the Special Issue on Africa. The special issue will be generic, hence; quality practice based papers now invited focusing on all aspects of African development with community development flavour. Articles from the different sub-regions are welcome with varying contexts and practices.

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Human Rights – Should we love them or leave them?!

Prepared by: Azita Jabbari-Arabzadeh_Scottish Communities Development Network April 2017

We hear often about human rights recently, but what are they? Human rights are the basic rights that every human possesses just by the virtue of being born! Human rights were first born in 539 BC when Cyrus the great, the first ancient Persian king, after conquering Babylon, committed a revolutionary act by freeing all the slaves and announcing everyone to be free to choose their religion and enjoy other radical equalities. These decrees were recorded on a clay now called the Cyrus Cylinder, which is kept in British museum currently. After that for about 2500 years, with civil wars, various nations: British, French and Americans created different declarations of human rights.

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SCDN Regional Networks

We have now established SCDN Regional Networks in Fife, Aberdeen and Dundee.
These networks will work locally to promote the aims of SCDN while linking in with our national committee. Further meetings of these networks will take place in September and

if you would like any more information on this or to find out how to get involved, just get in

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Have we lost our way?

Fiona Ballantyne and Mark Langdon of the Scottish Community Development Network have published an article which directly asks the question of Community Development in Scotland ‘Have we lost our way’?

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The Scottish Community Development Network (SCDN) is a member led organisation, for community workers / community development workers, paid or unpaid, full or part time, from the community, voluntary or public sectors, who support the principles and practice of community development. SCDN is open to anyone with an interest in community development in Scotland.

SCDN Membership

Membership of SCDN remains free at this time. If you haven't yet taken out membership you can do so by clicking on the 'join today' link below. Benefits of being a member include:
      Have a strong, collective, grassroots voice within Community Development across Scotland competitive
      Be part of a strong, dynamic forum to share experiences, exchange information and debate practice and policy issues
      Receive up to date information on relevant policy developments
      Discounted rates at SCDN events and conferences
      Opportunities to link with like-minded people
      Be first to find out about local and regional events to share practice issues

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